In 2016 it was estimated that over 25,000,000 Christians were not registered to vote. That is 25 million votes belonging to legal US citizens that did not get cast. 25,000,000 people let someone else decide the outcome of the election for them abdicating their right to voice their values with their vote and elect officials that will protect those rights.

Don’t let someone you know abdicate their constitutional right and duty by not voting.

Help them register today!

Do you know anyone that is not registered to vote? You can help them register today!





Registering is fast and easy

When we show up we W.I.N. !!!

Project 777

 We are urging everyone to join us in praying for our nation and the best possible outcomes from the upcoming elections.

Once a week for the next 7 weeks do a prayer walk 7 times around one place that will be impacted by the upcoming elections: your neighborhood, church, city hall, a school, government offices, etc.

Prayer walks can be done solo, with a friend, or with a group of friends…

Pray for peace during this election cycle.

Pray that each citizen takes their right to vote seriously and that each one exercises that right.

Pray for wisdom for each person casting a vote, that their vote is in line with their values.

Pray for those being elected to be true to our Constitution, our Judeo-Christian founding and to have wisdom and carry out the elected position with integrity.

Pray for honest and fair elections. Pray that there is no delay in getting the results of the election. Pray that any attempts to ‘steal’ the election be thwarted and any cheating be exposed.

Pray for truth to be released and darkness to be revealed.

Pray that the votes sown as seeds in this election bright a harvest of righteousness to our nation.

We would love to know who is prayer walking and where.
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