win talks & meetings

People connecting with people for a unified purpose.  Grassroots action at its best!

WIN Talks are small groups of friends meeting together a couple of times a month to discuss issues impacting our nation that are important to you. Armed with knowledge and simple practical ways to make a difference, these groups are active in impacting their neighborhoods, cities, counties, states and even the nation.

W.I.N. Talks are continuing education programs where we get educated on truth and fact vs. emotion and conjecture. We start with a recommended series of mini-books to be read and discussed by small groups. These books teach us truth about our history, our founding fathers, our Constitution, our legal system, our rights and responsibilities.

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Are you interested in joining or starting a WIN Talk?

If so, we want to talk with you! We will help you get started with all the tools you need to have a fun, informative, successful group of people who want to learn more about our county, our government, and how you personally can impact our future as a nation.

W.I.N. Talks educate women and men on ways they can easily be involved in impacting the nation. How much time you invest is totally up to you. Have 5 minutes? You have time to call or email your Senator, Congressman, and even the President to make your opinion known. Have more time? We can connect you with activities that match your interests.

WIN Talks are active across the United States
New WIN Talks are forming every day

Book Bundle #1

  • Take Back America
  • America’s Godly Heritage
  • Keys to Good Government
  • Politics Easy as P.I.E.
  • God is the Issue
  • Is America One Nation Under God
  • Bible Positions on Political Issues

Book Bundle #2

  • The Constitution Made Easy
  • The New England Primer
  • Bullet Proof George Washington
  • The Second Amendment
  • The Role of Pastors & Christians in Civil Government
  • Restraining Judicial Activism
  • Separation of Church and State

Book Bundle #3

  • One Man
  • Ethics – Early American Handbook
  • The Basis of Christian Support for Israel
  • Islamic Doctrine of Women
  • American History in Black and White
  • Mixing Church and State
  • Wives of the Signers

WIN Chapter Meetings

are monthly meetings with special guest speakers. These speakers are experts on issues currently facing our nation. Topics include the Constitution and how current legislation is impacting our founding documents, immigration, the military, right to life, sex trafficking, religious persecution, Israel, and BDS.

At WIN Chapter Meetings we are educated on truth and fact, not emotion and conjecture.  Attendees leave these meetings equipped with new knowledge and simple practical ways to make a difference that will impact their neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, and our nation.

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