While the establishment desperately paints election integrity advocates as rabid Trump deniers, they conveniently omit that the malfeasance is not exclusive to the Republican voters. Back in 2016, a tenured law professor in Broward County, wary of globalism and critical of the Transpacific Partnership, contacted his local representative to express his concerns. Because he was not among her $5K+ donors, numerous attempts to reach her office went unanswered. Equally frustrated local grassroots advocates encouraged him to run against her.

Tim Canova challenged Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the powerful chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. Despite her prominence, she was hugely unpopular amongst her constituents. On the other hand, Canova’s campaign went viral. Raising $3.8MM via online small donations, it was clear that voters, not large interest groups, were behind his candidacy. He opened four field offices, knocked on 12,000 doors/week, and was a regular national speaker. As the election neared, his field numbers forecasted a sizable victory.