As an unanticipated essayist, I was thrilled to include ChatGPT in my arsenal. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool for writing. Simply type: “write a dissertation on the responsibilities of corporate citizenship vs. shareholder expectations,” and Chat will generate an impeccably written and original essay on the topic. You can even request a piece in the style of Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, or Hemingway. The more data that is entered, the more ChatGPT’s database expands, allowing it to “self-learn”.

ChatGPT is taking college campuses by storm, and I’d imagine it is becoming the faculty’s worst nightmare. At the very least, competent writing requires research, discernment, internalization, and creative thinking. Students simply angling for a good grade need look no further than ChatGPT: a one-stop shop. The paper will be brilliant, not so much the lightbulb in their brain.

Nonetheless, since I publish Praying Mantis as a public service, having free editing capabilities at my fingertips was exciting. Imagine my surprise to discover that ChatGPT has been pre-programmed to deny there were any election shenanigans in 2020. I asked the AI to edit a paragraph regarding the Brunson case and Chat basically told me to move on and get some therapy. Folks, you just can’t make this up… READ MORE

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