From Praying Mantis at Substack

America has been implicated in numerous instances of election tampering on a global scale. This time, that same expertise has been turned against its own citizens, resulting in widespread fraud.

In August 2016, President Obama ordered the movement of $400MM of cash in pallets to Iran as a partial payment for the nuclear deal. These funds departed from Switzerland to Iran, then were moved to Dubai, and subsequently were wired to Italy. The cash was withdrawn and trucked back to Switzerland to be deposited into a Merrill Lynch account. Lots of maneuvers to clean the funds. Drug lords launder their money, I suppose this a US Government financial shell game.

In the spring of 2020, a plan was activated in Rome to subvert the US elections. The actual work was involved an expert in telemetry, three letter US intelligence officers, and cyber technology experts in the Leonardo, Pescara facility. Leonardo is a huge defense contractor that has advanced cyber warfare satellites. The intent was to manipulate the cast vote data to favor Biden in key counties around the US.