New Post by Praying Mantis March 26, 2023:

Neocon: short for neoconservatism. Characterizes advocates of using American military power to “promote democracy and protect national security interests” – Dick Chaney, W, John Bolton come to mind.  READ MORE

Khazarian Mafia: an up-and-coming description of individuals with significant influence over global financial systems, media, and politics who use this power to further their own interests at the expense of others. READ MORE

G5GUW: Global Fifth Generation Unrestricted Warfare. A term used to describe warfare increasingly characterized by a focus on information and psychological operations, using nonmilitary means such as economic, technological, and cyber strategies against a population or group of people.  READ MORE

Coup d’etat: the sometimes violent, often illegal overthrow of an existing government by a small group of people using force, deception, or coercion. Once the new rulers are installed, they often have little or no regard for rule of law and democratic principles. We must #Fix2020 before it is too late.  READ MORE

Plutocracy: derived from the Greek word “Ploutos” meaning wealth, and “Kratos” meaning power or rule. A plutocracy is a form of government where the wealthy and ruling class hold disproportionate power and influence political decisions, policies, regulations, etc. to favor their interests. The broader population is marginalized or ignored.