If you were part of the Brunson Charge Kickoff last week, you met featured speakers Loy Brunson and Juan O’Savin last week. On the cusp of J6, I’m excited to bring on Raland Brunson. Raland is the actual plantiff on the case that is docketed at SCOTUS. If you recall the brothers filed two identical cases, one under Loy, the other under Raland. 

In this live interview, we covered the case, Q&A’s and heard Raland’s unique insight and perspective. Spoiler alert: don’t hold your breath for anything to change on January 6th, there are many paths this case could take. That being said, Raland is so dynamic, full of optimism, and offers amazing good counsel – you don’t want to miss hearing what he had to say.

To listen to the interview click here:  Raland Speaks

Thank you for being part of this initiative, our country needs you more than ever. Now that you have written your letters, please invite your friends and family to watch so they too can learn and become participants in this historic lawsuit. For instruction on the letter writing campaign, go to:  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE