Raland Brunson January 2023 Interview

Raland Brunson January 2023 Interview

If you were part of the Brunson Charge Kickoff last week, you met featured speakers Loy Brunson and Juan O’Savin last week. On the cusp of J6, I’m excited to bring on Raland Brunson. Raland is the actual plantiff on the case that is docketed at SCOTUS. If you recall the brothers filed two identical cases, one under Loy, the other under Raland. 

In this live interview, we covered the case, Q&A’s and heard Raland’s unique insight and perspective. Spoiler alert: don’t hold your breath for anything to change on January 6th, there are many paths this case could take. That being said, Raland is so dynamic, full of optimism, and offers amazing good counsel – you don’t want to miss hearing what he had to say.

To listen to the interview click here:  Raland Speaks

Thank you for being part of this initiative, our country needs you more than ever. Now that you have written your letters, please invite your friends and family to watch so they too can learn and become participants in this historic lawsuit. For instruction on the letter writing campaign, go to:  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The Brunson Charge Be Heard, Not Herded (22-380 Part 2)

The Brunson Charge Be Heard, Not Herded (22-380 Part 2)

WE the People must convey to the Supreme Court our support of case 22-380. We feel our nation has been captured by corruption at the highest levels and are concerned that our country has experienced a national security breach. Our greatest right as citizens has been violated because our vote has been compromised and devalued. We are asking the Justices to grant Brunson’s petition.  

The Supreme Court justices demonstrated extraordinary courage when they delivered their decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Consequently, they have been subject to bodily threats and violence. It is no wonder they are concerned about their own well-being and the possibility of civil unrest. How might they know WE support them and understand the implications of this potentially historic case?

The Brunson v Adams et al letter writing campaign is well underway. So far, they have received approximately 50K letters which is a great accomplishment and a wonderful start but not nearly enough.

80 million+ Trump voters were disenfranchised when Congress omitted to investigate the highly credible evidence of election malfeasance information. Two million citizens showed up on January 6th, 2021 peacefully requesting verification before certification. All have been relegated to the voiceless and unheard until this moment. At a minimum, everyone who was in DC on that bleary day should write a letter.


In a series of events evidencing divine intervention, Brunson v. Adams is now docketed in the highest court in the land. For some additional background, read this.

Will SCOTUS review and give relief to the plaintiff – and by extension, those who feel this is a Manchurian administration? A trillion dollar omnibus bill that does nothing to secure our border, decadent spending while inflation is ballooning, continued media censuring of any administration agenda opposition, experimental gene therapies on the healthy and young. Countless billions to Ukraine, crypto scandals used to finance the DNC … the list of grievances suffered by the common and ordinary citizens grows longer and the sense of utter frustration weighs heavily upon us. The United States is on its way to becoming Venezuela on steroids.

While individual actions might create a ripple, the collective response of the many can turn the tide. Hence the BRUNSON CHARGE an initiative that we hope you will embrace. Here is what you can do:


Brunson v Adams: SCOTUS Election Integrity Case

Brunson v Adams: SCOTUS Election Integrity Case

This post is about the very important Brunson vs. Alma S. Adams, et al. case that is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Please read to the end!

THE INFORMATION BELOW HAS BEEN REPRINTED IN PART WITH PERMISSION FROM PRAYING MANTIS at SUBSTACK.  Links to the full, original posts are at the end of this article, with instructions and links to the letter you are being asked to write and mail ASAP! 

If you attended the W.I.N. Christmas party, you heard a little intro to what’s going on.  Perhaps you have read a newsletter or an online media report about how critical this case is to our freedom. 

You need to know what is at stake and the “Hail Mary” action that we the people must take to save our United States of America republic. 
Please read this post in its entirety to get a better understanding of what the case is about and how it impacts every American.
This is not about party or politics each person has the right to their own opinions and affiliations. However, we can’t have a functioning society or country unless our voting system is trustworthy. Since 2020, many have investigated and proven electoral malfeasance. Now, after the 2022 midterms, most have realized that our electoral system is untrustworthy.  Without election integrity, we are no longer a free nation.

Brunson v. Adams would seem to be a rather obscure case originating in Utah that seeks redress for the violation of Mr. Brunson’s constitutional rights to participate in a fair and honest election.

After the overwhelming irregularities observed in the 2020 Presidential election, ordinary citizens questioned the validity of those results. So did some intelligence agencies. In fact, there was palpable concern that foreign entities colluded with domestic actors to subvert the election, affect the outcome, and perform maneuvers favoring of a candidate aligned with their interests.  Some congressmen and a few senators raised valid arguments regarding electoral malfeasance.

United States law provides a 10-day pause for Congress to review election-related data when such circumstances arise. This examination should have been conducted prior to certifying the electors that placed Biden into office. 

Instead, Congress rushed to install what is arguably a Manchurian candidate into the Presidency of the United States. 291 Representatives failed to perform the legal requirement of reviewing prior to certifying.

They intentionally refused to investigate the evidence and conspired to cover it up. By allowing fraudulent votes to be counted, they knowingly mocked their oath to support and protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Brunson v. Adams focuses not on the outcome of the Presidential election, but on the representatives’ failure to fulfill their legal duties. The defendants should have rejected the electoral college votes from those states with untrustworthy, unreliable, and unworthy electoral systems. Instead, they committed what technically amounts to an act of war and treason.

Should Brunson v. Adams succeed, the implications are staggering and life-altering. 291 Representatives, 94 US Senators, President Biden, V.P. Harris, and former V.P. Pence are defendants who could be removed from office and/or tried for high crimes for their participation in this illegal operation.

We MUST convey to the Supreme Court our support of case 22-380. We feel our nation has been captured by corruption at the highest levels and are concerned that our country has experienced a national security breach. Our greatest right as citizens has been violated because our vote has been compromised and devalued. We are asking the Justices to grant Brunson’s petition.  So we are IMMEDIATELY writing letters to the Supreme Court of the United States – and are asking you to do the same.

Imagine if SCOTUS received one million letters from ordinary Americans.  How about if 10 million students, grandmas, aunts, moms and dads sent them a note of encouragement? If America falls, so does the rest of the world. How about letters from Australia, Canada, Italy, Brazil … China? We must speak up now!

While SCOTUS can choose to hear this case at any time, interestingly enough, it is scheduled to be in conference on January 6, 2023. Therefore, it is critical the justices receive a wave of our letters before they break for Christmas – so we must act TODAY.  Tell your friends and family and coworkers.  Have them tell theirs and those folks tell theirs!  Share this post.  Copy-and-paste it into an email.  Forward the W.I.N. newsletter.  Get this out to every single person you know.

Here is how (please read all of the instructions):

1) Mail a letter to SCOTUS. The text is provided in the link but please make sure you add a P.S. Handwritten is best since personalization is extremely meaningful. Have your kids and grandkids send a letter as well. Ask them to draw a picture or decorate with stickers!

CLICK HERE to go directly to the document which you can print, edit, personalize and mail.

2) Copy your letter.

3) MAIL the original to the Supreme Court and MAIL a copy to the Brunson Brothers. This is critical so the Brunson legal team can validate the amount of letters the Supreme Court is receiving.

Supreme Court Address:
Supreme Court of the United States
Attn: Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. and All Associate Justices
1 First Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20543.

Brunson Address:
The Brunson Brothers
4287 South Harrison Blvd. # 132
Ogden, Utah 84403

4) Consider donating to the Brunsons to help pay for the legal costs of this litigation – CLICK HERE

5) Send these instructions to your friends and family. Have letter-writing parties or host a zoom call to write letters together. Be creative, action-oriented, and effective! Reach out overseas: America may be the last light out unless we all come together.

6) Time is of the essence. Please mail NOW.

To read the original posts with greater detail, go to:
Here is a link to a site with a chronology of the lawsuit: